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Entrebosc White Wine



Alcohol content


Barrel aged

Aged in French oak barrels with acacia heads for six months, with constant stirring of the lees.

Denomination of origin

Pla de Bages




Mas Pubill, in Castellfollit del Boix

Delivery 2-3 days

Delivery period anywhere in Spain: 2-3 working days.

Shipping cost

5 €

31.11 €
VAT included

Pele i enric “This is a very distinctive wine: a white that tells us a lot about its birthplace; the place it comes from; the land that marks it so strongly in its initial phase, when it is just growing, ripening fruit. This is a glass of wine that truly represents what El Bages is, based on a local variety (THE local variety), Picapoll. Picapoll brings with it all the freshness, fruit and lusciousness we are used to. But this wine is different. It is fermented in wooden barrels cleverly combining oak and acacia, giving it complexity and, at the same time, diverse, deep, special aromas. It also spends time aging in the same barrels while being stirred constantly, encouraging the yeasts to keep working once the fermentation is over to make the wine full-bodied, voluminous and unctuous, with complex aromas. This is rounded off with some aging in the bottle before it goes on sale. This Picapoll in the glass now is different from all the ones we have tasted so far. The stronger color shows that it will not be a typical, young, light, easy-drinking white wine. In the nose, complex aromatic notes tell us of the winemaking process, combining white and citrus fruits with slight tropical notes and other dairy aromas, as well as a degree of pleasant oxidation, adding intensity and depth. Acidity is the outstanding feature in the mouth, warm and never unpleasant, giving the wine greater length and depth. Its development in the mouth shows the range of aromas it has already suggested in the nose: well-ripened white fruit, spicy notes from the wood, touches of menthol and Mediterranean heathland (rosemary). These flavors show controlled, deliberate development, giving the wine weight and character, with a long, pleasant, seductive finish. It is a wine that will develop well in the bottle, which means it has a good future ahead of it. It will be interesting to carry on tasting it, to see how it fares as time goes on.”

Josep Pelegrín, the Best Sommelier in Spain 2016

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