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Entrebosc Red Wine



Alcohol content


Barrel aged

Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels and several months in the bottle to refine the wine.

Denomination of origin

Pla de Bages


Cabernet Franc


Mas Pubill, in Castellfollit del Boix

Delivery 2-3 days

Delivery period anywhere in Spain: 2-3 working days.

Shipping cost

5 €

27.65 €
VAT included

Pele i enric 2 “This variety arrived here more or less 30 years ago and has adapted fairly well. With its long cycle, it needs cool weather to ripen fully and it finds it here, in El Bages. This is another glass of wine that is out of the ordinary, and that in itself is worthy of praise. We should not be looking for power, muscle or excess here, but nor is it a fragile, light or subtle wine. A strong, bright, attractive color gives way to an outstandingly fresh nose. Very fresh red fruit and berries combine with spicy notes and herbaceous touches to give a nose so luscious it invites tasting. It is skillfully supported on a background of new wood, providing the wine with a structure. The attack is marked by its fresh character: the acidity and vegetable notes on the tip of the tongue are by no means unpleasant. This gives a sparky, electrical sensation like putting your tongue across the terminals of a battery, shooting the wine to the back of the palate and stretching it tight and tense, like a piece of cloth. The ripe but fresh red fruit and berry notes, nicely combined with dried spices and undergrowth, appear around this sensation. The finish is long and pleasant, with mineral notes like dry stone. It is a wine for drinking right now, slightly cooled and accompanying not too strongly flavored dishes. A young, refreshing, luscious red wine, like a lollipop. Suitable for everyone, but particularly suitable for people who don’t like red wines tending to excess.”

Josep Pelegrín, the Best Sommelier in Spain 2016

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